Registered Dietitian Name: Tammy Brooks-Marino

Hometown: Sarasota, FL

Where Tammy Grew Up: Brooklyn, NY

Education: Bachelor of Science - Biology and Chemistry, Wagner College | Master of Science - Clinical Nutrition, New York University  

Background: Tammy grew up with a love for sports. She learned how to swim at an early age and was swimming 1mile + distances by the age of 10. Tammy always wanted to be a runner, and so at the age of 40 started to train for marathons as a birthday gift to herself. After several marathons under her belt, she was looking for something to further challenge her. That is where Tammy's IRONMAN dream was born.

Dietitian Experience: Tammy has 25+ years as a Registered Dietitian. Tammy has worked in the clinical nutrition setting, educating people on diet and how diet works in relation to the treatment of diseases. She then moved on to nutritional sales working with companies that provide products designed to meet the nutritional needs for compromised patients. During her years as an RD, Tammy has also worked with many private clients to achieve better health, weight loss, and fueling strategies to improve athletic performance.

Athletic Highlights: Tammy has raced in over 10 marathons and 30 triathlons. She has completed two IRONMANs! 

Hobbies: Tammy loves to cook and create new recipes. She enjoys finding new ways to use everyday ingredients in new, flavorful ways!  

Why work with The Core Diet: Nutrition is the fourth leg of triathlon. Athletes work hard and train their bodies to perform and endure the swim, bike, and run. It is equally important to practice good everyday nutrition and fueling nutrition, during training and on race day. The Core Diet team is comprised of exceptional Registered Dietitians with years of experience to support the athlete with this fourth leg. They work with our athletes to create their everyday plan and race day fueling strategies too!

Favorite Quote: “Perfection is boring. Getting better is where all the fun is.”

                                                                              - Dragos Roua