Nutrition Plan + 1 on 1 Dietitian Support

Nutrition Plan + 1 on 1 Dietitian Support

An individualized nutrition plan will be created to specifically address what it will take to help you lose or maintain weight as an athlete. This option is the absolute top of the line way for athletes of all types to lose weight (if needed) and improve performance. It is for people that require intensive direction and support, and for those who like to be given menus to work off of. You will be monitored and guided by your dietitian every step of the way.

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Daily Meal Plans:
Minimum Duration:16 Weeks

Athletic Blood Work Analysis

Blood work is the most detailed way for athletes to see the impact their nutrition is having on their body. Find out if you are eating the right stuff in the right quantities.  This option can be added to any of our services that start with a nutrition consultation. Upon sign-up, your dietitian will send you our comprehensive list of 14 blood markers that we have found impact athletic performance.  Most markers can be obtained thru your primary care physician at very low cost.  Once results are obtained by you, our dietitians will analyze the results, compare against recommended values, and discuss the results with you.  Based on that, they will recommend dietary changes and/or supplements to target your identified deficiencies.  Create an environment that's ideal for athletic progress!


Within 24 hours after purchase we will contact you to pair you with one of our dietitians.  There is a 16 week minimum commitment for this program. Your billing will begin THIS coming Monday after purchase. However, you will be granted access to our full member area to view the member resources within 1 day of purchase. All billing pauses, stops, and restarts should be discussed with your nutritionist, and madeby youvia your "My Account" area on the Core Diet website. There are no refunds for billings once they are made.

This package includes:


  • One-on-one call with your dietitian to learn coach Jesse's ground breaking and proven Core Diet for athletes. Face to face meetings available; please inquire!
  • Nutrition plan developed and signed off by your registered dietitian. Your initial plan and consultation is identical to that of our Nutrition Plan service. ($275 value)
  • Contact with your dietitian by phone on an as needed basis including two scheduled 30 minute calls each month. Your own personal dietitian!
  • Unlimited daily contact with your dietitian via email on an as needed basis.
  • Access to our member area on the Core Diet website including tips, nutrition calculators, interactive Core Diet recipe database, ALL previously recorded webinars, and other Core Diet documents!
  • FREE access to all live Core Diet webinars which include a 30-40 minute presentation, and then a 10-20 minute Q&A session where any participant may ask our RDs questions related to the webinar topic.
  • Can include several example daily menus each month based on your specific needs, and workouts that month. You decide which days you would like menus for ahead of time!
  • Body fat and optimal body weight goals will be determined for what is best for performance.  Refinement of these goals throughout the season including periodic body fat check-ups.
  • Race fueling analysis and written plan for triathlons, running races and more. This package includes what to eat the morning of your race and race week. ($215 value)
  • Bloodwork analysisincluded and performed in the 3rd or 4th month of this program. ($215 value)
  • Access to our forum, including full access to our general discussion forum to discuss nutrition related topics with other athletes and our RD's on a daily basis!
  • 10% discount on the popular QT2 Systems Mission Plan training service.


Daily Meal Plan Add-on:

  • PDF delivery of daily menus each week including exactly what you should each each day.
  • Menus incorporate workouts, workout fuels, training stress impact on caloric expenditure, and body composition goals.
  • Each daily menu includes the food items you should eat, the times you should eat them, and the macronutriant profiles for each food item with totals for the day.