Triathlon Nutrition Services

Our six registered dietitians provide the following triathlon nutrition services to runners, triathletes, and other athletes! The Core Diet has been hugely successful as a triathlon diet and in creating IRONMAN race fueling plans. Find out why:

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What Our Triathlon Nutrition Clients Say?

I remember laughing when Jesse told me I should weigh 168 pounds in order to perform at my triathlon potential. "Should" and "could" were two very different things in my book. But wouldn't you know that in a 3 month period under Jesse's direction I dropped from 188 pounds to 168, and then raced triathlons during the 2006 season in the mid 160s. The results of the weight loss were immediately evident in my performance at Half Ironman where I logged over a 10 minute improvement from the prior year.

Drew Bennett, Ironman Triathlete
Lost 20lbs in 12 weeks.