Mental Fitness Follow-up

Mental Fitness Follow-up

This service is for those athletes that have already had a one hour introductory phone consultation with our mental fitness coach.  You will have the opportunity to follow up with our licensed professional in 30-minute phone calls to monitor your progress and continue discussions.  You may purchase these follow up calls in packs of 1, 2, or 3 follow-up consults with your coach.  Use these consults any time within three months of purchase: Single Call - $100; 2-Pack - $180 per call; 3-Pack - $250. You may also purchase recurring monthly calls for $75 each (minimum duration 4 months).

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Mental Fitness Coach:

There are no refunds for our mental fitness follow-ups. If you choose the monthly option, the minimum is four 28-day periods. Your mental fitness coach will be in touch with you within 48 hours to get started and setup a follow-up appointment!

This package includes:
A 30-minute call with mental fitness coach to help you address a variety of issues in an effort to enhance performance. Commonly addressed issues include:
  • managing race day anxiety,
  • overcoming training slumps,
  • setting effective goals,
  • developing strategies to deal with adversity in competition, and/or
  • simply ensuring that you are mentally prepared for your big focus race.

In order to truly optimize performance, make mental preparation a core component of your training program.  Don't have mentally limited races...You work too hard in training for that!  Following your call, our licensed professional will follow up via email with a summary of the call and advice on how to move forward including specific exercises and techniques.

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