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The Core Diet for athletes was developed by coach, founder and author of the endurance training diet & cookbook, Jesse Kropelnicki.

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Triathlete, Marathoner, and Registered Dietitian

Rachel Froehlich

Registered Dietitian



Rachel is a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Nutrition from both the University of Vermont and Boston University, respectively.

Employed at the University of Pittsburgh, Rachel works within the Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, conducting sports nutrition research on special operation military forces. Additional responsibilities include guest lectures to Pitt students/athletes and body composition testing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A member of the QT2 Systems and Core Diet family for the past 7 years, she has extensive experience counseling individuals for weight management through diet, exercise, and behavior modifications.

Rachel draws her expertise from leading an active lifestyle: she's completed three marathons, including the Boston Marathon as a qualifier in 2010, a number of triathlons at the 70.3 distance and is an Ironman Louisville finisher.

Ironman Triathlete, and Registered Dietitian

Amanda Cassell

Registered Dietitian


Amanda has been a registered dietitian since 2002, after she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics from Mississippi State University. She completed her dietetic internship at St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, MS. She's now working with QT2 and the Core Diet to bring her nutrition knowledge to her passion for triathlon and endurance sports.

Amanda is also the president of the Mississippi Heat Triathlon Team. Amanda has helped the team grow from a very small number to over 200 triathletes. Beginning her training years ago with no background in swimming or biking when she first started triathlon, she enjoys watching the passion grow in others as they train for their first triathlon! She has also learned over the years how extremely important nutrition is to peak performance.

Amanda has become an accomplished athlete over the last 5 years with over 12 marathon finishes, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon multiple times, as well as the New York City Marathon. Amanda is a 2x Ironman triathlete, competing at Ironman Florida in 2008 and Ironman Canada in 2010.

Marathoner, Triathlete, Registered Dietitian, Youth Junior Qualified

Rachel is a Registered Dietitian, board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and Wellness Coach. She holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, masters in Nutrition Communications, and completed her dietetic internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 2006. 

In addition to working as a Core Diet dietitian, Rachel is a nutrition consultant with a private practice. While she works with a variety of clientele, athletes are one of her favorite groups to counsel because of their passion and ambition for optimal performance. Good nutrition is essential for athletic performance.
Rachel provides sports nutrition counseling to athletes at all skill levels and of all ages, including juniors. She has not only worked with beginner, age group, and pro triathletes and marathoners, but also with young athletes involved in triathlon; high school cross country and track, wrestling, and volleyball; as well as junior athletes striving for the Olympics in sports such as swimming and cross country skiing. 

Rachel believes that nutrition fuels our bodies both physically and mentally. That ultimate performance both in the office and on the field is based on what we choose to put in out mouth. Her nutrition philosophy is that the human body is made to function in wholeness and wellness; and healthy eating shouldn’t be a chore, but rather natural, intuitive, and delicious. 

As a life-long athlete, Rachel has been involved in many athletic disciplines; from competitive gymnastics and all-around track and field, to triathlons and running. She has completed a 70.3 ironman, many triathlons, marathons, fistfuls of shorter distance races, as well as team long-distance relay races.

Triathlete and Registered Dietitian

Brooke Gowdy

Registered Dietitian



Brooke has a passion for helping people understand how they can optimize their health and sports performance with nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Bachelor's degree in Bioscience and Technology and Master's degrees in Nutrition Science from the University of New Hampshire.

In addition to working as a Dietitian, Brooke has conducted nutrition research on hyperglycemia, cardiovascular disease and nutrition as prevention against oxidative stress and chronic disease. She has completed several 70.3 and shorter distance triathlons and running races. Recently, she discovered a passion for trail running and competed in her first 25K and marathon distance trail races. When the snow flies, Brooke exchanges her Pearl Izumi trail shoes for cross country skis and snow shoes.

Brooke’s other passion is her horse and the sport of dressage. When she isn’t on the trails, you can find her training and competing her Dutch Warmblood horse, “Andy”. Brooke is married to QT2 coach, Vinny Johnson, an IM athlete and marathoner. She constantly challenges him to get off the pavement and hit the trails, and, to ride a horse! 

Founder of the Core Diet, Ironman Triathlete, and Elite Level Triathlon Coach

Jesse is an elite/pro level triathlon coach who founded the QT2 Systems brand of endurance preparation businesses, including OutRival Racing, The Core Diet, The Run Formula, and QT2 Systems. He is the triathlon coach for many professional athletes including TJ Tollakson, Linsey Corbin, Angela Naeth and Pedro Gomes, among others. His interests are in coaching professional triathletes using quantitative training and nutrition protocols. He is a USAT Level III Certified Coach and author of the book “The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook: The How, When, and What for Fueling Runners and Triathletes to Improve Performance”.

Ironman Triathlete and Future Registered Dietitian

Chrissie received her Bachelor's degree in Cardiopulmonary Science from Northeastern University and is currently working on her Master's degree in Nutrition at Simmons College. She works as a Cardiovascular Technologist at Beth Israel Medical Center and is a USAT certified triathlon coach. After beginning her athletic career as a runner, she further challeged herself by competing in triathlons. Chrissie has since finished many triathlons including the Ironman distance. Through competing in these events, Chrissie realized just how important nutrition is for competitive athletes, as well as day to day nutrition for recreational athletes.

Triathlete and Registered Dietitian

Kylie is a registered dietitian and lifelong athlete who loves incorporating her two passions, nutrition and movement, to help people achieve their goals. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Predictive Health from Emory University, and her Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Drexel University. She completed her dietetic internship through the University of Houston where she worked in a variety of settings including adult and pediatric hospitals, the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute, and the Center for Discovery for eating disorders. Kylie is currently a clinical dietitian at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. As a sports dietitian, her mission is to optimize performance and overall health for her athletes. Kylie’s passion for nutrition started as an athlete and has continued to evolve as a coach. As a collegiate swimmer, Kylie earned six All-American honors and four NCAA DIII National Championship team titles at Emory University. Kylie coached age group swimming, NCAA Division I swimming, and worked for the USA Team at the 2017 World University Games in Taiwan. She was a sports nutrition intern for Drexel University’s Center for Nutrition and Performance, which provided nutrition support and education for 450 Division I student-athletes and two professional sports teams, the Philadelphia Flyers and Union. Kylie has also worked as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and CrossFit Level 1 coach in Greater Philadelphia. Kylie enjoys traveling and competing as a multi-sport athlete: she’s completed numerous open water swims, half marathons, one marathon, and a number of triathlons at the 70.3 distance including the 2018 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa.  

Triathlete, Marathoner, Registered Dietitian, Youth Junior Qualified

Anne received her Master of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics from NYU, is a board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Registered Dietitian and Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist in the state of Massachusetts, a USAT certified Level 1 Coach and certified trainer. She began her ventures into the wellness arena in the early 90’s working in gyms as a trainer and group instructor while pursuing an acting career in New York City. 


Always a runner, she volunteered for the New York Road Runners Foundation as a running coach serving public schools throughout the 5 boroughs providing after school running programs. Noticing the nutrition, or lack thereof, with her students, she designed a nutrition program and began writing nutrition articles for the Foundation. Intrigued by the field, she enrolled as a dietetics student at NYU and soon partnered NYU students and the Foundation, delivering a unique and interactive workshop regarding nutrition for ages 8-15. 


After graduation and relocating to the Boston area, Rollins was introduced to a local triathlon training group, QT2 Systems, looking for dietitians to help support their athletes via the sister company, The Core Diet. As a long time runner and endurance athlete, the fit was natural. Anne additionally worked clinically with the critically ill and dialysis patients before finding herself as the campus dietitian for Perkins School for the Blind where she provided individual counseling and menu design for students age 3-22.  

Last year, Rollins promoted proper nutrition while coaching her LUSC boys 11 soccer team and to several Pop Warner football teams. She is currently working with her local football league to develop an off-season plan for the players.  

Anne runs a wellness center outside Boston that embraces balanced fitness and recovery for people of all ages and abilities. She is a proud mom of two invigorating children who joined her in their very successful, first triathlon this year. She has competed at the half Ironman distance for four seasons and is excited to race her first full Ironman this year. Anne is still an active Screen Actors Guild member.

Ironman Triathlete and Registered Dietitian

Beth is a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She holds a Bachelors degree in Nutrition from Penn State University where she ran cross-country and track and field.
In addition to working as a Core Diet dietitian, Beth is the Operations Director and coach for Your 26.2, the run-only sister company of QT2 Systems.
Beth competes as a professional triathlete at the 70.3 and IM distances and qualified and competed in the Ironman World Championships for the first time as a pro in 2014. 
She started her career as a dietitian at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where she worked clinically for 12 years covering everything from diabetic diet educations to managing intravenous nutrition in critically ill surgical and trauma patients.

Beth has been working with endurance athletes since 2009 and has thoroughly enjoyed combining her two passions of sport and nutrition!

Ironman Triathlete, Ultra Runner, and Registered Dietitian

Stevie Lyn Smith is a Registered Dietitian who received her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Buffalo State College while completing her dietetic internship as a part of their coordinated program. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings and is employed as an outpatient dietitian at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Washington, DC. She also has previously worked as a certified personal trainer while working on her bachelor’s degree. 

She began competing in endurance sports after a playing soccer and lacrosse competitively from elementary school through college. After her collegiate career as a lacrosse goalie ended she began running and completed her first road race, a marathon just a year and a half later. Since then, she has completed 5 ironman distance races, 17 marathons, a 50 mile ultra marathon, 12 half ironman distance races plus many other types of races, including long distance swimming events. In her 6th year as a triathlete she has qualified and competed in Ironman 70.3 World Championships and has many age group podium finishes. 

Her passion for nutrition began in her collegiate lacrosse career as she began to appreciate how what we eat can help to fuel us not just in workouts but also to be our best selves in our daily lives. This passion has grown throughout her time as an endurance athlete where optimal nutrition and recovery has become key to maintaining her active lifestyle. 

Stevie also volunteer coaches and fundraises for Girls On The Run team in DC as well as having previous experience assistant coach for Clarence High School’s Women’s Lacrosse team. She strongly believes in empowering young girls through promoting active and healthy lifestyles at a young age. She is also very active in the DC fitness community as a part of multisport and running groups. 

Triathlete, Marathoner, and Experienced Nutritionist

Leslie Reap



A technical sales and marketing specialist for 10 years, Leslie "retired" from Cisco Systems to stay home with her two daughters, 6 and 8. After 5 years of research, self-study and implementing her holistic nutrition practices on her growing family and friends, Leslie decided to turn her passion into her business and became a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, starting her own business in 2007, Finish Line Nutrition LLC. Leslie's mission was to meet the unique needs of families, athletes and all those in between with effective and efficient nutritional roadmaps that would enable her clients to live healthier, happier and more productive lives. As an All American Lacrosse player, World Cup Lacrosse Coach and Olympic Torchbearer, Leslie "rediscovered" triathlon after a 23 year hiatus as a means to cross train her way out of running overuse injuries. In 2007, after two years back in the sport, Leslie was sponsored by and stayed with Team Trisports through 2010. As a 2009 USAT HM All American and passionate nutritionist, Leslie worked with the CoreDiet Nutrition and QT2 before moving on to pursue a different career.

Triathlete, Coach, Ultra Runner, Registered Dietitian, Youth Junior Qualified

Jaime is a Registered Dietitian, board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and Holistic Health Coach. She is the Nutrition Programs Director for QT2 Systems and The Core Diet. Jaime holds an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Studies from Hunter College, a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and completed her dietetic internship at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is also a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City before it became an online program. 

  In addition to being a Core Diet dietitian, Jaime has a private practice where she often works with children, adolescents and families. Through nutrition and feeding workshops, she teaches parents how to implement healthy eating habits from birth to elementary age through one of her corporate clients Gerber. Jaime is also the nutritionist for Children of America, a nationwide educational academy serving children ages 1-5. In addition to all the levels of athletes she works with on daily basis, Jaime often speaks to athletes and coaches at local schools on the importance of good nutrition, and works with coaches and parents to help implement these guidelines on and off the field. 

  A Radio City Rockette for more than 12 years, Jaime is also a certified Pilate's instructor, personal trainer and USAT Certified Triathlon coach. Always active in the sports and dance community, Jaime knew she wanted to be even more involved in the industry, and saw the value of nutrition in helping athletes and dancers maximize their potential, improve performance and aid in injury healing. An athlete all of her life, Jaime started dancing at the age of three and was competitive in track and field, swimming and gymnastics throughout her entire child and teenage years. In her early 20’s, Jaime re-entered the multi-sport arena where she started training and racing as a way to offset the stress and pressures of being a professional dancer in the Big Apple. 

  In the past 15+ years, Jaime has become an accomplished triathlete with a number of age-group wins and podium finishes, as well as a finish in Kona at the Ironman World Championships. An All-American triathlete with USAT, Jaime is currently a sponsored athlete with PowerBar® on Team Elite and over the years has represented brands such as Aquaphor® and Goody®, and was a 2-time Ambassador for lululemon athletica® in Lincoln Square, NYC and Boca Raton, FL. She has also has taken on a new adventure: ultra marathons. In September of 2013 she raced her first 100+ mile trail race up on the Superior Trail and hasn’t looked back since! 

  Jaime lives in sunny South Florida and is a proud mom to her two girls who join her on almost every training run. They too have a love for athletics already, and being a roll-model has proven to be the best way to grow healthy children. Eat the veggies on your plate and they will too!


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What Our Nutrition Clients Say?

I remember laughing when Jesse told me I should weigh 168 pounds in order to perform at my triathlon potential. "Should" and "could" were two very different things in my book. But wouldn't you know that in a 3 month period under Jesse's direction I dropped from 188 pounds to 168, and then raced triathlons during the 2006 season in the mid 160s. The results of the weight loss were immediately evident in my performance at Half Ironman where I logged over a 10 minute improvement from the prior year.

Drew Bennett, Ironman TriathleteLost 20lbs in 12 weeks.

"I lost 18 pounds over 15 weeks in preparation for the NYC marathon last year. I couldn't have done it without the Core Diet"

Trish Kelly, Boston MALost 18 pounds over 15 weeks.