Our Services

The Core Diet nutrition services utilize practical, easy to follow guidelines that are tailored to improve your performance. We offer two basic services at The Core Diet:

  1. Day to day nutrition plans- how to eat on a daily basis in between workouts to stay healthy and maintain body composition.  The program includes a nutrition plan, including both qualitative and quantitative recommendations, along with a consultation with one of our RDs.
  2. Fueling plans- exactly how to fuel your workouts, and races including detailed sodium, carbohydrate and fluid recommendations.  The program includes a detailed fueling plan, including both qualitative and quantitative recommendations, along with a consultation with one of our RDs.

All other services and support are add-ons to these two primary services.  Nutrition is commonly over looked as a component to improve overall athletic performance. Don't make this mistake; get control of your nutrition with The Core Diet today!

Day to Day Nutrition & Weight Loss

Includes a personalized day-to-day nutrition plan, and consultation with one of our sports dietitians. Details here. If you are a past client, you may purchase follow-up consult packs HERE.


Our fueling plans eliminate GI issues, cramping, and improve performance on race day!  Details here.

Additional Services

Most of these services can be purchased separately or added to our services above at checkout.

Includes a personalized nutrition plan for your youth or junior athlete, a one-on-one parent consult call, and 3 months of email support.  Details here.

Get a comprehensive blood panel and have our dietitians analyze it to find out where you can be doing better to improve performance! These can be added to our Nutrition Plans above if you'd like a more detailed look at your needs as an athlete. Details here.

If you already have a Core Diet Nutrition Plan, and would like additional guidance, you may purchase follow-up consult packs HERE

Daily meal plans that include your workouts and goals! Details here.

Need a training program with your weight loss, or nutrition plan? We can help! Details here.

Nutrition topics, open Q&A with our nutritionists! Details here.