The Core Diet is excited to offer a very specific nutrition product line & apparel! The nutrition products meet very specific criteria:

  1. They must be products from small entrepreneurial businesses.
  2. They must be primarily organic.
  3. They must be Core Diet friendly.
  4. We must have chatted with the owner(s) and liked the feel we got from the conversation!

We're excited about the unique product offerings we have, and we hope you like them too!!

BOCO Core Diet Trucker Hat
Custom BOCO Core Diet Trucker Hat!
Sale -Save 40%New
Mystery Hat
Roll the dice and see what we send you!
Mystery Water Bottle
Roll the dice and see what we send you!
The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook
Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook by The Core Diet Founder, Jesse Kropelnicki!  Detailed fueling, day to day nutrition guidelines, and recipes!

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