Nutrition Plan + Member Area and Forum Support

Nutrition Plan + Member Area and Forum Support

An individualized plan will be created to specifically address what it will take to help you lose or maintain weight as an athlete. This option is a great way for athletes of all types to lose weight (if needed) and improve performance. It is for people that may know how to lose weight or eat well, but have no idea how to integrate training and competing with a diet. Following your nutrition plan and consultation, you will be guided by our "ask an RD" forum and other resources.

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Daily Meal Plans:

Race Fueling Plan

An individualized race fueling plan will be created to specifically address your fueling needs during racing. If you have had cramping problems or fueling issues during your races, this option will be focused to resolve these issues. You and your coach will work together prior to your meeting to test and develop a practical race fueling protocol including specific carbohydrate, sodium, and fluid requirements for your carbohydrate load, race morning breakfast, and race day.


The Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook

Endurance Training Diet & Cookbook by The Core Diet Founder, Jesse Kropelnicki!  Detailed fueling, day to day nutrition guidelines, and recipes!


There is a 8 week minimum commitment for this program. Your billing will begin THIS coming Monday after purchase. However, you will be granted access to our full member area to view the member resources within 1 hour of purchase. You will be contacted within by our staff to get started within 48 hours! All billing pauses, stops, and restarts should be discussed with your nutritionist, and made by you via your "My Account" area on the Core Diet website. There are no refunds for billings once they are made.

 This package includes:

  • One-on-one call with your dietitian to learn coach Jesse's ground breaking and proven Core Diet for athletes. Face to face meetings available; please enquire!
  • Nutrition plan developed and signed off by your registered dietitian. Your initial plan and consultation is identical to that of our Nutrition Plan service. ($275 value)
  • Unlimited contact with our dietitians via our "ask the RD" forum where you can discuss nutrition related topics and ask questions on a daily basis!
  • Access to our member area on the Core Diet website including tips, nutrition calculators, interactive Core Diet recipe database, ALL previously recorded webinars, and other Core Diet documents!
  • FREE access to all live Core Diet webinars which include a 30-40 minute presentation, and then a 10-20 minute Q&A session where any participant may ask our RDs questions related to the webinar topic.
  • Race fueling analysis and written plan for triathlons, running races and more. This package includes what to eat the morning of your race and race week. (optional - add $190 one time discounted fee)

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