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Gift Certificate by E-mail
Our gift certificates, purchased here provide a credit code that can be used as checkout for any of our per diem services. Please note, gift certificates cannot be used for any of our re occurring services. Contact us if you are interested in a re occurring service gift!
Nutrition Plan + Member Area and Forum Support
An individualized plan will be created to specifically address what it will take to help you lose or maintain weight as an athlete. This option is a great way for athletes of all types to lose weight (if needed) and improve performance. It is for people that may know how to lose weight or eat well, but have no idea how to integrate training and competing with a diet. Following your nutrition plan and consultation, you will be guided by our "ask an RD" forum and other resources.
Field Work Nutrition - Primo Smoothie Meal
Complete whole food nutrition smoothie by The Core Diet Founder Jesse Kropelnicki to fit the needs of endurance athletes. A perfect Core Diet snack for during the day when mixed with water or almond milk. Mix with frozen fruit for a more complete Core Diet snack!

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