Core Diet Webinars

Core Diet Webinars

Our webinars provide real information on topics that YOU care about! You'll find that Core Diet webinars, like many of our others services are catered to provide detailed information. You'll also find that our webinars include a insightful Q&A session where participants, are encouraged to ask questions. These are a great way to recertify your USAT coaching credentials, and learn from the very best!  A detailed description for each of our webinars can be foundHERE.

These are the same webinars that can be found INSIDE the Core Diet Member Area!

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CD Webinars:

Purchasing a Coming Webinar

Our webinars are non refundable, however, if you miss the webinar, we will provide you the recorded version if requested. This payment does not register you for the webinar. Please make sure you register for the webinar as well based on the instructions from our website webinar page.

Purchasing a Recorded Past Webinar

Our webinars are non refundable.  We will email you your webinar within 24 hours for unlimited viewing!

  A detailed description for each of our webinars can be found HERE.

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