Body Composition Management

Date:July 12,2011
Time:07:00 PM


This webinar will discuss how to manage your body composition throughout the year to improve performance and strength! Join this webinar and learn how to properly plan for "race weight" and how to dovetail your nutrition periodization with your training and racing!

This webinar will also review the benefits of proper body composition management, and why this step is critical to overall health, weight loss and performance.

What You Will Learn:

(1) How to determine optimal race weight. (2) When to properly reach race weight and why . (3) How to qualitatively add nutrition periodization to your training program.


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About the presenter:

Jesse Kropelnicki is an elite/pro level triathlon coach who founded QT2 Systems, LLC, as well as He is the triathlon coach of professional athletes Caitlin Snow, Jacqui Gordon, and Ethan Brown, among others. His interests lie in coaching professional triathletes using quantitative training and nutrition protocols. You can track his other coaching comments/ideas via his blog at

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