Core Diet's webinars provide real information on topics that YOU care about! We teach Core Diet nutrition philosophies, fueling protocols, and more. You'll find that Core Diet webinars, like many of our others services are catered to provide detailed information. You'll also find that our webinars include a insightful Q&A session where participants, including existing Core Diet clients, are encouraged to ask questions.

The package includes:

  • Attendance to one of the webinars scheduled below
  • All webinars include a 30-40 minute presentation, and then a 20-30 minute Q&A session where any participant may ask our nutritionists questions related to the webinar topic.
  • Easy to use dial-in number or computer headset options for audio conference.
  • Easy to use software for video conference. If you cannot join video conference, feel free to join by audio only!
  • Note, all webinars are recorded for future viewing by Core Diet clients and for purchase by the general public.


Please follow the two-step registration instructions to join or purchase the webinar:
  1. Click below to register for the webinar you'd like to join
  2. Click hereto submit payment for your webinar. You will not be able to access the webinar unless you register pay the $20 fee. 

If you would like to purchase a previously recorded webinar, please follow step #2 above (pay for the webinar). Your webinar will be delivered within 24 hours via email and will be available to you on an unlimited basis for future viewing!

Note, Core Diet webinars are FREE for all Core Diet clients and QT2 One-on-One Coaching clients! Please just register for your webinar without payment if you are a client of one of these services.

Previously Recorded CoreDiet Webinars:

April 28,202106:00 PMFueling for Training and Race DayRequest Here!
March 14,202107:00 PMNutrition PeriodizationRequest Here!
September 23,202007:00 PMSports Nutrition: Fact or Fiction?Request Here!
February 27,202007:00 PMNutrition and Athlete ImmunityRequest Here!
December 03,201907:00 PMPlant Based Diets for Endurance Athletes. Fad or a Viable Option?Request Here!
October 21,201908:00 PMEating and Fueling in the Off SeasonRequest Here!
July 23,201907:00 PMIntermittent Fasting for Endurance AthletesRequest Here!
May 16,201907:00 PMOmega 3 Fatty Acids & the Athlete: What You Need to Know!Request Here!
March 27,201907:00 PMThe lowdown on what might be causing pesky GI issues; FODMAPs!Request Here!
March 01,201807:00 AMDecoding The Oil AisleRequest Here!
December 11,201712:00 AMHow to Conquer Overeating During the HolidaysRequest Here!
January 12,201707:00 AMStaying Healthy During WinterRequest Here!
November 07,201607:00 PMEating On The Go (Traveling Eats)Request Here!
October 13,201607:00 AMFueling The Ultra RelayRequest Here!
June 28,201607:00 PMFueling The Ultra on the Trails: What should I consume on a 100-miler?Request Here!
February 23,201607:00 PMInflammation and the Importance of Rest and RecoveryRequest Here!
December 18,201511:00 AMRecovery Drinks: Are you drinking them?Request Here!
October 26,201507:00 PMBonking: The Science Behind It & The Why & How Of Avoiding ItRequest Here!
September 01,201507:00 PMFueling The Ultra: How to approach the 100-milerRequest Here!
June 23,201507:00 PMSupplements: What We Recommend (And Don't) & WhyRequest Here!
April 28,201507:00 PMAttention Athletes: Ante Up Those Antioxidants!Request Here!
March 10,201507:00 PMBeet Root Juice? Why, How & WhenRequest Here!
January 20,201507:00 PMHow Athletes Can Stay Healthy During the "Flu Season"Request Here!
October 06,201407:00 PMHitting a Weight Loss Plateau and What to Do About ItRequest Here!
July 28,201407:00 PMCurious CuisineRequest Here!
March 04,201407:00 PMThe Art (& Science) of SnackingRequest Here!
October 28,201307:00 PMRace Fueling: Everything You Need To KnowRequest Here!
August 05,201307:00 PMNEW Core Diet Overview and RefresherRequest Here!
February 12,201307:00 PMMindful Eating: Stop the Overeating Cycle!Request Here!
December 10,201207:00 PMPractical Application Of The Core DietRequest Here!
October 29,201207:00 PMFoods for ConvenienceRequest Here!
September 17,201207:00 PMHave You Ever Thought About Food Logging?Request Here!
July 02,201207:00 PMNavigating The Grocery Store As An AthleteRequest Here!
March 06,201207:00 PMCore Diet Orientation!Request Here!
January 09,201207:00 PMAll About CaffeineRequest Here!
November 21,201107:00 PMAntioxidants 101Request Here!
October 18,201107:00 PMWhole Grains 101Request Here!
September 19,201107:00 PMIron & The AthleteRequest Here!
July 12,201107:00 PMBody Composition ManagementRequest Here!
April 25,201107:00 PMThe Importance of Omega-3's!Request Here!
March 13,201106:00 PMProtein's Roll For The AthleteRequest Here!
February 13,201106:00 PMCoreDiet Overview & Refresher!Request Here!
January 17,201107:00 PMIdeal Workout FuelingRequest Here!
Core Diet Webinars
Our webinars provide real information on topics that YOU care about! You'll find that Core Diet webinars, like many of our others services are catered to provide detailed information. You'll also find that our webinars include a insightful Q&A session where participants, are encouraged to ask questions. These are a great way to recertify your USAT coaching credentials, and learn from the very best!  A detailed description for each of our webinars can be found HERE. These are the same webinars that can be found INSIDE the Core Diet Member Area!
The Core Diet - Six-Week Meal Planning Challenge
Next Challenge Starts on September 20th! This is a six-week program designed to make a well balanced healthy diet EASY and FUN, without having to think about it! If you are interested in weight loss, or just wanting to improve the quality of your diet, this is the right program for you, administered through an easy-to-use phone app. The program will include daily meal plans, group and RD support, as well as periodic educational opportunities/webinars. 

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