Macronutrient Calculator


Height (in)
Body Weight (lb)
Body Fat
Percentage (%)
Ideal Body Fat (%)
Swim Hours
Bike Hours
Run Hours
# of Days
Volume Covers
Calories Spent
at Work
Desired Calorie Surplus or Deficit


1) "Ideal Body Fat" should be determined in conjunction with a sports dietitian or your coach.

2) Calories spent at work (each day) should be estimated based on the activity you carryout at work. For office jobs, 100 is appropriate up to 1200 for a construction worker.

3) The CoreDiet recommends that daily calorie deficits beyond 500 calories not be used.

4) Calories From Exercise are estimated based on your training volume and body weight or lean body weight.

5) Triathlon Recommended Macronutrients are based on the concept of ideal lean BMI.READ MORE HERE!

The Macronutrient calculator is provided as a fun tool for athletes to determine their approximate macronutrient needs. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use of the calculator is at your own risk. By using the calculator, you agree to waive, release, and forever discharge QT2 Systems, The CoreDiet as well as their employees, agents, independent contractors and/or affiliates from and against any and all claims, demands, or causes of action including but not limited to costs, expenses or injury. The user assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from his/her use and implementation of the macronutrients, calories, or nutrition advice given by the macronutrient calculator which is based on the CoreDiet protocol.

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