We have entered into a scary time, which is actively transforming our sense of normal life. It is a time when we are going to be forced to make many changes to our daily lives, both, voluntarily and involuntarily, in order to preseve the health of oursleves, our loved ones, and that of the greater good. Schools are suspending, social gatherings are being discouraged and in many cases greatly limited. The term 'social distancing' has, overnight, become a part of our lexicon. Our ability to partake in our own endurane lifestyle is under attack. These next several weeks will represent trying times. The events that we spend so much time, focus, and sacrifice upon are being threatened, and in many cases not held. 

As difficult as these times may be, and become, it is our responsibility to remain positive, as a means to navigating our way through this. We should find comfort in the idea that many races have taken to 'postponing', rather than canceling. Events such as the Boston Marathon and IRONMAN South Africa, have rescheduled from early-Spring to late-Summer/Fall. This rescheduling represents hope. The expectation that despite the current craziness, there will be an 'after' - a return to normalcy. Kids will be back in school, we will be able to attend sporting events, you won't have to kick an old lady in the knee in order to secure the final roll of toilet paper, and our events, the things that we sacrifice so much for will, again, return to the calendar.

During this time, while our endurance lifestyle is under attack, it is our responsibility to band together, and find ways to make the best out of what we've got. This section of the Member Area is dedicated to building a centralized resource hub to, hopefully, provide just a little bit of extra support in the navigational process of this pandemic. To help to create some sense of normalcy, within abnormal times. To make this whole thing just a little more bearable, such that when this is behind us, in the "after", we will be in a position to return to normalcy as quickly and easily as possible, because we won't have allowed ourselves to slip that far away from it. A one-stop corona shop.

And so, QT2 Systems, LLC calls upon you to become a part of our communal response. We are creating this hub, and populating it, daily, but we want you to be a part of it. Please add to it. If you have information that you believe pertinent, send itHERE. We will make sure that it is relevant, appropriate, and within the purview of what we are trying to achieve. If it meets these criteria, we will include it as a resource.

As a part of this section of the Member Area, we have included a special forum. We will NOT be a part in moderating this forum (with the exception of policing any inappropriate material(s) that finds its way there. We offer it to you, as a means for a free-exchange of ideas. We will be providing official Core Diet approved recipes, but if you want to share a recipe for fried Twinkies, the forum is the place to do so. We will continue to hold our weekly Thursday AM ZWIFT rides, and will explore the possibility of adding to them, but if you are stuck working from home, and want to organize a ZWIFT Meet Up ride, the forum is the place to do so.

Probably the #1 thing that any of us can do for ourselves and for those around us (which nobody seems to be talking about), is to keep our immune systems strong!

  • Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water!
  • SLEEP!!!!!!
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and protein!
  • Consider supplementing with vitamins C and D3, a pro-biotic (>10 billion units), and keep some zinc acetate lozenges on hand*
  • Do your best to limit stress

We hope that this section of the Member Area can help to alleviate some of the stress of the time, and help you to maintain as much of your endurance lifestyle as possible, for 'this, too, shall pass'. On that note...

Leave some toilet paper in the store, to have all of it is not the goal. Perhaps three rolls, but not more than four. For each of us can only wipe one hole.

Be well, and take care of one another!

*Take immediately, as soon as you feel 'a little something'.

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