The lowdown on what might be causing pesky GI issues; FODMAPs!

Date:March 27,2019
Time:07:00 PM

Are you struggling to figure out what may be causing stomach troubles both in and out of training? Tried everything but can’t achieve a happy gut?  Join us to learn more about what may be triggering symptoms, how to manage them, and how to keep your diet well balanced and nutrient rich!


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About the Presenter:

Stevie Lyn Smith is a Registered Dietitian at The Core Diet and is currently working on her MS in Applied Nutrition through Northeastern University.  After playing team sports her whole life, she took up running after her collegiate lacrosse goalie career ended.  Since then she is an eight-time Ironman Finisher, Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualifier, and has taken on countless marathons and has completed a 50 mile ultra marathon.  In her free time you can find her outdoors playing with her puppy, volunteering with We Finish Together, or adventuring around the world!

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