Omega 3 Fatty Acids & the Athlete: What You Need to Know!

Date:May 16,2019
Time:07:00 PM

Ever wonder if omega 3 fatty acids are worth all the hype?  And if so, if/when/how you should use them or supplement with them, to maximize health and sport performance?  Join Beth Shutt in this webinar where she will discuss:

1) WHAT are omega 3 fatty acids exactly? 

2) WHERE can they be found?

3) WHEN should they be used?

4) HOW much should be taken? 

5) And perhaps most importantly WHY should athletes consider supplementing with them? 


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About the Presenter:

Beth is a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. She holds a Bachelors degree in Nutrition from Penn State University where she ran cross-country and track and field. In addition to working as a Core Diet dietitian, Beth is the Operations Director and coach for The Run Formula, the run-only sister company of QT2 Systems. And she is a life-long endurance athlete competing in marathons, Ironman triathlon, mountain bike racing and much more!

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