Emotionally-Safe Educational Information for Kids

Exponential Growth/Social Distancing (ages 10+) -HERE 

Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to "flatten the curve" (ages 13+) -HERE

Jurassic Park - Destroying the World (ages 13+) -READING

New England Aquarium Virtual Visits (all ages) -HERE

High School Chorus Sings 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' Separately Together (all ages) -HERE

Lunch Doodles with Moe (all ages) -HERE

Zoo New England Kids Corner (all ages) -HERE

P.E. with Joe (all ages)

   - Day 1 -HERE

   - Day 2 -HERE

   - Day 3 -HERE

   - Day 4 -HERE

   - Day 5 -HERE

   - Day 6 -HERE

   - Day 7 -HERE

   - Day 8 -HERE

   - Day 9 -HERE

   - Day 10 -HERE

   - Day 11 -HERE

   - Day 12 -HERE

Visual Routine Chart -HERE

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