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Three Bean Salad

Zesty. Crunchy. Tender.  This bean salad makes a great side dish as well as a protein and fiber-packed snack.

Feel free to use any type of beans and add any chopped, fresh veggies you like.  

Spiced Cool Carrot Salad

Carrots get a bad rap. These slender orange-hued veggies are avoided because they are too high in sugar. The fact is, you'd have to eat around 3 cups of these antioxidant power houses to make your blood sugar rise significantly. I don't know about you, but I'm not in the habit of eating that many carrots at one time. One serving of carrots (about half a cup) has: 30 calories, 2 grams fiber, 7 grams carbohydrates (4 grams sugar), 234% of your recommended Daily Value of vitamin A, and a load of antioxidants (carotinoids, hydroxycinnamic acids, anthocyanindins). Studies show that orange/yellow vegetables are strongly linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. And other components in carrots have been linked with the reduction of colon cancer risk . So go ahead and eat your carrots!

Warm Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

I know what you are thinking: Kale and Brussels sprouts together??  Gosh that must taste awful.

I thought the same thing when looking at the recipe.  Two cruciferous, bitter veggies melded together in a salad.  raw.

But then I got adventurous.  What if I added a vinaigrette and then seared them in a hot pan? And maybe added some Parmesan and toasted almonds on top? 

Try this recipe out.  Your liver will thank you.

{Cruciferous vegetables have antioxidants in them that activate enzymes in your liver.  These enzymes are the ones that help to detoxify substances in the body.  Kinda like scrubbing bubbles for your insides.  Only healthier.}

Cauliflower Butternut Squash Mash

Mashed cauliflower. Let me tell you, it's not what you imagine, it's BETTER! In fact, this mashed-potato substitute has so much flavor you may just want to eat the entire pot. Like I did. (Shh). The addition of butternut squash to this recipe makes it creamier and brings a hint of sweetness. The recipe is balanced out with some dill, bouillon and garlic. You'll never go back to plain potatoes again!

Tofu Pot Pie Pasta (Spaghetti Squash)

Based on the traditional Chicken Pot Pie, this has some big variations: 

It's tofu not chicken. {Well, yes.} 
It's over pasta and not in a pie. {Yes, visibly checking that off.} 
It's over spaghetti squash, not real pasta. {Whoa, Rachel, going a little over-board, are we?} 
It's awesomely delicious just like Chicken Pot Pie. {Seriously.} 

So here's the thing. A cold winters night calls for something warm and lovely. So I had a little fun in the kitchen with Tofu. Its crazy. It takes just like chicken pot pie minus the chicken. And no crust. And not real spaghetti. Ok, ok. So it doesn't really resemble it at all. But it sure does taste like it!!

BBQ Pulled Chicken with Apple Slaw

I used to think making pulled chicken was difficult. Or would take a long time. I mean, there must be some crazy technique that goes into cooking something so dang delicious! But no. It's as easy as: 

  1. Saute chicken 
  2. Add BBQ sauce 
  3. Rip apart with a fork 
All in about 15 minutes of cooking. Finito! Seriously. How wonderful is 15 minute pulled chicken? Very. And with a sweet, crunchy, tangy slaw to boot. And if you're in a Core period, simply have the chicken over salad or on it's own with a side of veggies.

Best Meatloaf Ever (Personal Sized)

Meatloaf is a little respected food. In fact, I didn't give it a chance for most of my life. Meat loaf, I thought, was a disgusting pile of meat. Dry. Boring. Let me tell you: I've been missing out. These are more like glorified meatballs.And the secret ingredient for the most moist and delicious meat loaf ever? Butternut Squash. That's right. And you won't even taste it.

Shepherd's Pie with Butternut Squash and Edamame

Sooo....I have a surplus of butternut squash sitting around. So what did I do? Topped Shepherd's Pie with it. Yes, instead of potatoes. I'm sorry, what? No, no, believe me, you won't miss them. Stop shaking your head, you won't! Not only that, but I swapped the peas for edamame. Heh. I know, I know - forever messing with the ingredients. But you won't even miss the peas, I promise!

Asian-Inspired Tofu Marinade

Tofu is an acquired taste for many people. For me, I simply love the texture. When baked, it's crispy on the outside and springy and moist on the inside. I love it! The great thing about Tofu is that it takes on whatever flavor you cook it with. This marinade brings together Asian flavor along with some sweet, spicy, and sour. It's a fantastic combination. TIP: For best result when baking tofu, use Firm or Extra Firm. Once out of the package, wrap in a paper towel and gently squeeze out as much excess water as possible.

Black Bean Cakes with an Over-Easy Egg

It sounds strange to put an over-easy egg on a black bean burger, but let me tell you, the ooey-gooey yolk makes a fantastic sauce!

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Looking for a quick, easy, and delicious meal? This spaghetti squash casserole is my go-to meal for a busy weekday night. And having leftovers is always a bonus! With layers of bulgur, black beans, green beans, spaghetti sauce, and cheese, this gooey one-pot meal has all the nutrients you need! Fiber, protein, whole grains, not to mention all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Leave out the bulgur if in a Core period - or switch it with Quinoa! The grain at the bottom acts to help soak up the excess liquids.

Tomato Pesto Frittata

Wow. There aren't many words to describe this meal other than: Easy and Delicious.  Ridiculously easy and delicious.  Thank you Martha Stewart for such a genius recipe!

Curried Salmon Cakes

These salmon cakes will be a hit in your house! Pretty darn easy too, just a little messy. But what's a good dinner without a little sticky goodness? Be prepared to get your hands into it! This is one of those meals that takes minimal prep for maximal flavor. Not to mention that canned salmon is just as nutritious as fresh salmon (and is always wild!), and yet is about a fifth of the price. I'll take it. 

TIP:Large cans of salmon still have the skin and bones in it. Simply take out the skin and most of the bones, but only worry about the big vertebrae, the smaller bones will dissolve and provide you with calcium! **The smaller cans of salmon do not have bones or skin!

Blueberry Smoothie

Enjoy this smoothie for breakfast or snack or anytime during the day!  It's a "core" food :)

Lemon Coconut Cookie Balls

If you are looking for something sweet but without refined sugars and flour, look no further! These cookie balls provides 3 grams of fiber per cookie, are made from only 4 ingredients and you don't even have to cook them!

Mango Shrimp Kebabs

A delicious fresh-flavored dish that is great for entertaining.

Swordfish Kebabs with Orange Basil Sauce

A quick yet delicous kebab that delivers a flavorful punch.

Parmesan-Stuffed Chicken and Melted Strawberries

Chickpea Burgers

Chickpea Burgers


Pancakes (Ratio <2)

Simple & fast. Why load up with refined sugars if you can make this healthy, core diet ratio <2 pancakes?

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