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Don't Judge a Fish by Its Cover

After a recent trip to the supermarket, I wondered if spending double for my wild salmon was a worthwhile investment. I remember reading a few articles many years ago when salmon hit the Top 10 List dissuading folks from purchasing farm raised salmon for a multitude of reasons, but surely we have addressed these issues by now…or have we?

Core Crowd Pleaser ~ Turkey Pumpkin Chili

The following content was provided by Registered Dietitian, Leslie Why.

I would love to claim this one as my own but at some point, somewhere along the line, I tore it out of a triathlon, running or cycling magazine and didn't jot down the very noble creator of this dish. So if you're looking for a warm hearty meal to share with your family (and that is true to The Core), this one will knock your socks off with all its nutritional benefits AND taste.

RACE (and Beat) the Flu

The following content was provided by Registered Dietitian, Rachel Baker.

My posts have been seasonal as of late, so what better way to continue the trend, than by focusing on another fall "favorite"… the flu. Yes folks, its flu season once again. Are you washing your hands regularly? Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Sure, a quick stab (ouch!) in the arm and a sore bicep for a week can help ward off the dreaded "bug", but what can you do from a nutrition stand point to prevent spending your winter with a box of tissues in hand?

Stay True to Your Core

As we approach the off-season, conveniently coinciding with the holiday season, the tendency to forego strict nutrition and loosen up is understandable. We've all worked hard and sacrificed for the passion of sport. The time is now to celebrate our accomplishments and live it up! Cereal parties, pancakes and Halloween candy (if you haven't read Rachel's latest bog, check out which treats may trick you) are the perfect choices now that training and competing are wrapped up. Well…(insert audio of needle scratching across the vinyl here)…not so fast.

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