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Are You Juicing (days 16-18)

Project Juice: Day 16

I have been hearing such unbelievable things about kale, I decide to incorporate some leaf into my juice today. Additionally, I will continue the morning ritual to juice first thing in the morning! I am ready. Hopefully, the rest of the family is ready, as well.

Are You Juicing (days 13-15)?

Project Juice: Day 13

In celebration of pomegranate season, I have purchased likely, too many. I am a huge fan of the pom, but clearly the prep can be a deterent. I suppose I'd better get busy peeling and popping. What I have decided to try is a dual pomegranate prep. I will peel and pop 2 at one time and seal the anrils from one in an airtight container in attempts to decrease oxidation of the precious antioxidants. I think this may not be optimal, but nonetheless, a technique to get me going on the delectable poms.

Are You Juicing (days 10-12)?

Project Juice: Day 10

Today, I thought I would read the instructions for my new juicer. Fortunately, I don't think I have been operating the juicer in an unsafe manor the previous 9 days. However, a solo tip about a particular fruit stands out. There is no mention of food with the exception of pomegranate. I figure this must be important. There are explicit instructions on how to eat and prepare a pomegranate. According to Bella, one should score the outside of the pomegranate to peel off the skin, then under running water and into a bowl of water, push the anrils into the bowl. The fiber will float, the anrils will sink (for the most part) and you will have successfully separated your fruit and are ready to juice. Bella recommends juicing the pomegranate twice (the pulp, not the juice) to fully extract all the juice.

Are You Juicing (days 7-9)

Project Juice: Day 7

Well things are certainly picking up at this time of year, and initially I have a sense of gloom about my juice. I was rushed and behind schedule, but onward I pushed to collect some ingredients for juice. In fact, once I started the process, I became far more engaged and excited about what I should create. Hey, kind of like a day where you don't quite feel like doing the workout, but lace up the sneakers anyway, and have a great session!

Are You Juicing (days 4-6)

Project Juice: Day 4

Feeling like I have made some serious progress, purchasing the actual juicer, I am confident that I will be able to make some quality juices. Simplicity as the Golden Rule, I create an orange, ginger and ginseng juice that I deem quite tasty and full of vibrant health! Perhaps because I have bought enough root to take me through the month do I feel the compulsion to add ginger and ginseng to everything I make. Quite frankly, these ingredients just sound as if they belong in a juicer. However, how much ginseng should I really be getting?! After researching a bit, ginseng root has many healthful benefits, including lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and improving the immune system. Warnings about ginseng in high doses only appear regarding extracts and supplements, not the actual root.

Are you Juicing (days 1-3)?!?

Core Diet dietitian Anne Rollins chronicles here journey on the Core Diet holiday juicing challenge! Join her in her 30 day journey……

So, I have been lured into a 30 day trial of juicing. Perhaps a bit of previous intrigue, and with minimal taunting, I am in… 30 Juices in 30 days.

My disclaimer: I have never juiced, am scared of juicing and do not own a juicer.

Typically, if I choose to start a new endeavor, I will research and analyze every possible angle, perspective and internalize until I feel expertly versed…Unless of course, I feel like jumping in with no knowledge at all so as to create a larger margin for improvement. The later is true for my juicing. After wrapping up the racing season and moving into holiday mode, I'm feeling like I need some raw enzymes and with no time to prep.

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