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Growing Pains of a Newbie Triathlete

We've all been there. Ah, the first year into the sport we love so much called triathlon. Can you recall all the clumsy things you did as a newbie when just getting into the sport? Please tell me you've done some not-so-intelligent things like myself!

Ironman Louisville Race Report

When I signed up for Louisville back in September of last year I knew exactly what I was getting into. I live with an Ironman, I've worked with Ironman athletes, and I've been a spectator at three Ironman events.

Early in February of 2010, while training for the Boston Marathon, a nagging pain developed in my left tibia...


Nothing says indulgence like a nice, big order of french fries, sprinkled with plenty of salt, and dipped into a big pile of ketchup. Mmmm!!!! Or, perhaps a big gooey slice of cheese pizza? Wonderful for your taste buds, but not so good for your sodium levels. If you've been trying to cut back on your sodium intake, with just a pinch of table salt on your baked potato and a dash on your scrambled eggs, be advised that a pinch here and a dash there can quickly add up to unhealthy levels!

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