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Hot “New” Food Trends

There are always many trends in nutrition, but the one currently gaining momentum is a return to softer claims by food companies and manufacturers, and a revisited focus on inherent nutrition. The trend is away from trends. This shift is multi-factorial, and who could say which factor is most important. Our modern world produces food lacking in minerals, vitamins, fiber, enzymes, and antioxidants. Fortunately, our culture is starting to evaluate our food supply, including, additives that we can't read, pesticides that may be harmful, antibiotics wreaking havoc through the food chain, added hormones that may be linked to altered hormones and development in humans, carcinogenic food stuffs (and yes, food stuffs is the name given to something that may be eaten, but does not retain enough of its' original wholesomeness to be referred to as food), fruits and vegetables with decreased nutrients because of unrotated crops or overplanting on depleted soils, or with many travel miles that may allow for increased oxidation, or worse, a chemical agent to delay ripening… to name a few.

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