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The Core Diet Partners With OutRival Racing

Boston, MA - The Core Diet, an operating business of QT2 Systems, LLC and a foremost provider of sports nutrition services, is very excited to announce its recent affiliate partnership with OutRival Racing (ORR); offering ORR athletes nutritional support as a part of their training and racing needs. ORR is a Texas-based coaching service providing comprehensive training plans, group programs, and weekly training sessions to triathletes, runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes. ORR consists of ‘first-timers,’ age-groupers, amateur elites, and professionals led by its founder Michelle LeBlanc, and her experienced staff of triathlon-specific and specialty coaches. ORR is the official coach of the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas and Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas.

The Core Diet New Years Sale!


triathlon dietThe Core Diet will help you to achieve and maintain your optimal weight and body composition in the New Year, improving health and athletic performance, and SPEED along the way. Staffed by experienced registered dietitians that work exclusively with athletes, The Core Diet offers several options for those looking to attain a healthy body weight and/or solve race nutrition issues.

The Core Diet Launches a New Affiliate Program!

The Core Diet is very excited to announce its brand new affiliate program! This program was created primarily for individual coaches and coaching groups who would like to offer nutrition services to their clients, with our experienced staff ofRegistered Dietitians. The new affiliate program can also be used by other fitness related companies that may have clients who would be interested in athletic nutrition.

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