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The Core Diet Launches a New Affiliate Program!

The Core Diet is very excited to announce its brand new affiliate program! This program was created primarily for individual coaches and coaching groups who would like to offer nutrition services to their clients, with our experienced staff ofRegistered Dietitians. The new affiliate program can also be used by other fitness related companies that may have clients who would be interested in athletic nutrition.

Sport Nutrition Hydration Basics

The following content was provided by Registered Dietitian, Jaime Windrow.
As the hot weather months approach, you should move hydration to the top of your athletic priority list. Although hydration is an important factor year-round to overall health, slight dehydration of even 2% of your body weight can negatively affect performance, and your chances of this happening in the upcoming months are much higher. It's been show in studies that this nutritional intervention of staying properly hydrating is thebest wayto enhance or improve performance.

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