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Hydration - Not an Option!

The following content was provided by Registered Dietitian, Amanda Cassell.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. A warm and humid day in April, sweat running down my face, taking each step in stride and longing for the finish line of the Country Music Marathon. However, if you were to search for my results from that year, they would not exist.

Dealing With Stress

Perhaps we are all behind because of a LONG winter, and as we emerge into spring, I find myself surrounded with tales of increasing stressors. Seemingly, no one has enough time to perform the necessary tasks of the day in an appropriate amount of time. (We wasted our spring cleanup time shoveling!) We've probably all hoped for more hours in the day, but realistically, how do we handle increasing workloads and commitments while our culture demands everything be done yesterday…and perfectly? Some may say we are losing out on valuable developmental coping mechanisms by moving too quickly in our goals for ultimate achievement. What to do so as to not fall behind? Some of us exercise. We compete to feel fulfilled, for a sense of accomplishment or to feel the simple pleasure of sport, but then we have training goals that may increase the very stress they were designed to eliminate.

Nutrient Rich Foods For Recovery

The following content was provided by Registered Dietitian, Rachel Baker.

Like most triathletes, you've spent the weekend beating yourself up; a five hour bike on Saturday, followed by a 40 minute transition run. Your Sunday called for a long run of about two hours with an hour recovery ride. You're cooked. Your legs are toast. You've downed your recovery drink and now all you want to do is scarf down a burger and fries - veggies schmeggies! Not so fast!

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