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Some of you know me by now, but to most I am likely a new face. I have recently started with QT2 as a dietitian after years of working with runners and other athletes specific to the New York market. During my recent relocation process, one that was a bit bumpy, I continued to run. However, my training and fueling were not well thought out as I had given them the back burner to other more pressing priorities. The process of regrouping was long, due to some pretty significant life changes. Thankfully, I have been able to extract some major life lessons and translate them into my work.

Most of us usually know what we need to execute as far as training or fueling is concerned, but may come across some obstacles that prevent us from carrying out our well intentioned plans. Many of us spend 20-24 hours a week just training, and more time fueling, stretching, resting and recovering. This is a big investment of time, and efforts could be dashed in the blink of an eye by events that are completely out of our control. Life happens to all of us, but what do we do when it happens in the middle of our peak training?

Let's remember simplicity. Stop, think and prioritize. 80% of 100 is better than 100% of zero. Even if our efforts our not carried out exactly as planned, we cannot throw in the towel, but rather continue to strive as athletes toward our goals. Understanding that obstacles beyond our control may certainly effect our performance at some point (your refrigerator broke, your salmon has spoiled and you must eat something immediately!) we must reapply ourselves to get back on track. Don't let a few unfortunate, unplanned incidents sabotage your training and fueling plan. Feeling discouraged by our inability to maintain our schedules can really wreak havoc moving forward. Accept the situation, make some mental notes and learn what we can do next time to lessen the blow of your best friend showing up with your favorite pasta dish on a non training day! The finish line will taste that much better when we do!

Next week blog: Seasonal fruits and vegetables of Fall

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