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Project Juice: Day 10

Today, I thought I would read the instructions for my new juicer. Fortunately, I don't think I have been operating the juicer in an unsafe manor the previous 9 days. However, a solo tip about a particular fruit stands out. There is no mention of food with the exception of pomegranate. I figure this must be important. There are explicit instructions on how to eat and prepare a pomegranate. According to Bella, one should score the outside of the pomegranate to peel off the skin, then under running water and into a bowl of water, push the anrils into the bowl. The fiber will float, the anrils will sink (for the most part) and you will have successfully separated your fruit and are ready to juice. Bella recommends juicing the pomegranate twice (the pulp, not the juice) to fully extract all the juice.

Juice #10

  • Pomegranate - 1
  • Lime - 1
  • Ginger - ½"
  • Ginseng - 2 x ½"

Project Juice: Day 11

Weekends are tough. Do I juice before the football game or after? I go with after the game, although, in hindsight I may have made some healthier choices while engrossed in GronkNation with a juice under my belt. I have purchased a Korean Melon, something I have never had before, that resembles a small yellow watermelon mixed with a gourd. I decide to give that a shot. I taste the fruit before choosing the rest of the ingredients and find it to be a bit bland, in fact. To bring up the flavor, I add a kiwi, and my G and G combo. I have my tasters on hand, and all agreed, this was the first truly liked juice.

Juice #11

  • Korean Melon - 1
  • Kiwi - 1
  • Ginger - 1"
  • Ginseng - 2 x ½"

Project Juice: Day 12

I am starting to feel some immediate effects of juicing, and I'm confident that I am experiencing some longer lasting benefit, as well. I am somewhat of a non-conformist and so I am juicing after dinner. True, I should be juicing earlier in the day to reap maximum benefit, but at the beginning of this project, I was quite sure I could not have scheduled a morning juice session and still have everyone get out of the house unruffled. This is something that I may look to change in the next few days as I really feel a bit of a boost after my juice, and the timing is just not optimal for said benefit reaping.

I do have a bit of panic after noticing my supposed super stable Fuyu looking like the counter adorning days had drawn to an end. By default, I choose the Fuyu, and again I taste the fruit before choosing other ingredients. The taste is sweeter than I remember from the store sample, and very unique. I like the parsimmon! I add some kale, G and G and a sprinkle of seaweed. As I add the dried seaweed, I realize nothing from the seaweed will make it to my juice. Hmm. Of interest, the fuyu is a burnt orange/red, but the juice is white and creamy, looking more like a coconut milk product. The kale rights my confusion, and I have a frothy, green juice with again, a unique taste, and I'm still not sure if I liked this.

Juice #12

  • Fuyu (parsimmon) - 2
  • Kale - ½ cup
  • Ginger - 1"
  • Ginseng - 2 x ½"
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