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Project Juice: Day 7

Well things are certainly picking up at this time of year, and initially I have a sense of gloom about my juice. I was rushed and behind schedule, but onward I pushed to collect some ingredients for juice. In fact, once I started the process, I became far more engaged and excited about what I should create. Hey, kind of like a day where you don't quite feel like doing the workout, but lace up the sneakers anyway, and have a great session!

Since I do recognize that I am a bit low in my step, I choose some citrus to get me going. Grapefruit, tangerine, ginger, baby spinach and kale. The juice is a winner and proves to be quite a boost in my time of need. In my head or not, I feel re-energized maybe because of my enzymatic juice or maybe because I have overcome the lackluster feeling prior to my daily juice. Either way, I am better for it.

Juice #7

  • Red Grapefruit - 1
  • Tangerine - 1
  • Ginger - 1"
  • Baby Spinach - ¼ cup
  • Kale - 1 cup

Side note: The juices from different items do not blend in the pitcher until swirled together. The color of this juice was a bit offputting once "swirled", but maybe I'm just not used the green hues yet.

Project Juice: Day 8

Today things are really stacking up, and heavy feelings of the juice project loom over me all day…or is that all the stuff I'm hauling around all day? Mmm. Well, maybe I should lighten the load and take a juice break. This way, the looming will end, and I may have that burst of something like I did yesterday. Of note, my children have given up juice support, and so I now work alone. Pomegranate, horseradish, ginseng (missed it yesterday!) kale, tangerine and a sprinkle of dried seaweed. I'm not sure of the health benefits of the seaweed as I add it, but assume there must be some. The horseradish gives a subtle heat to the pomegranate flavor, and sure enough, I feel like I can go on! I call my children to taste my excellent juice…they decline citing they have not liked one yet, and how is this to entice an interruption from the importantness of SpongeBob. Fear not, we are a health-minded family. This is not over…

Juice #8

  • Pomegranate - ½
  • Tangerine - 1
  • Horseradish Root - ¼"
  • Ginseng - 3"x 1/8" root sprig
  • Kale - ½ cup
  • Dried Seaweed - 1 TBSP

Project Juice: Day 9

Friday is an easy to day to feel great, but I am truly looking forward to the juice today. I have a fresh stock of juiceables. I purchased a fuyu, commonly confused with an American grown persimmon, that when cut up, looks and tastes very similarly to a mango. The whole fruit looks like a tomato that has seen better days with a Dr. Seuss looking stnating as this seems to me, the mood does not strike when I stand before The Bella. I would like to have this Buddha worthy gift for a few more days. Instead I go for the Kiwi, and I believe this naturally should have lime. I add some ginger and ginseng, my staples, and have a truly fresh and pleasing looking juice. I swirl for good measure. This green is soothing as opposed to yesterday's

hue in need of some other hues. The juice is tart, and provokes my tastebuds to think "sorbet flavor". Ah, my pitch against SpongeBob. I call out that I have created a fantastic sorbet flavor, but need some tasters to see if I am correct or not. They appear ready to taste. My son is quickly lured in, and in fairness, I warn that the juice is not sweet but very good. He sips and agrees! A perfect sorbet flavor! My daughter is a tough sell. She denies the opportunity, but has come away from SpongeBob. Win-win!

Juice #9

  • Kiwi - 2
  • Lime - 1
  • Ginger - 1"
  • Ginseng - 3 x ¼"
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