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Jaime Windrow MS RD

Triathlete, Coach, Ultra Runner, Registered Dietitian, Youth Junior Qualified

Jaime is a Registered Dietitian, board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and Holistic Health Coach. She is the Nutrition Programs Director for QT2 Systems and The Core Diet. Jaime holds an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Studies from Hunter College, a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and completed her dietetic internship at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is also a graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City before it became an online program. 

  In addition to being a Core Diet dietitian, Jaime has a private practice where she often works with children, adolescents and families. Through nutrition and feeding workshops, she teaches parents how to implement healthy eating habits from birth to elementary age through one of her corporate clients Gerber. Jaime is also the nutritionist for Children of America, a nationwide educational academy serving children ages 1-5. In addition to all the levels of athletes she works with on daily basis, Jaime often speaks to athletes and coaches at local schools on the importance of good nutrition, and works with coaches and parents to help implement these guidelines on and off the field. 

  A Radio City Rockette for more than 12 years, Jaime is also a certified Pilate's instructor, personal trainer and USAT Certified Triathlon coach. Always active in the sports and dance community, Jaime knew she wanted to be even more involved in the industry, and saw the value of nutrition in helping athletes and dancers maximize their potential, improve performance and aid in injury healing. An athlete all of her life, Jaime started dancing at the age of three and was competitive in track and field, swimming and gymnastics throughout her entire child and teenage years. In her early 20’s, Jaime re-entered the multi-sport arena where she started training and racing as a way to offset the stress and pressures of being a professional dancer in the Big Apple. 

  In the past 15+ years, Jaime has become an accomplished triathlete with a number of age-group wins and podium finishes, as well as a finish in Kona at the Ironman World Championships. An All-American triathlete with USAT, Jaime is currently a sponsored athlete with PowerBar® on Team Elite and over the years has represented brands such as Aquaphor® and Goody®, and was a 2-time Ambassador for lululemon athletica® in Lincoln Square, NYC and Boca Raton, FL. She has also has taken on a new adventure: ultra marathons. In September of 2013 she raced her first 100+ mile trail race up on the Superior Trail and hasn’t looked back since! 

  Jaime lives in sunny South Florida and is a proud mom to her two girls who join her on almost every training run. They too have a love for athletics already, and being a roll-model has proven to be the best way to grow healthy children. Eat the veggies on your plate and they will too!

Weekly Meal Planning That Works For YOU

How many of you have found yourself standing in front of the refrigerator at 6pm wondering what you are going to cook for dinner? And as you stare at those now limp, leafy greens, you can’t help but feel bad about the money that is about to be thrown in the garage. Do I hear take-out calling? A big struggle for many families these days is getting a healthy home cooked dinner on the table each night, especially in a day and age where both parents are working. You are not alone!


Field Work Nutrition Co. is proud to announce the launch of it's Primo Smoothie Meal, a whole-food based complete meal replacement for anyone that lives an active,

What Our Dietitians Are Saying About Klean Supplements

Are you using any of the  Klean products? We love the Klean Isolate, Klean Omega and Klean Recovery.  I checked in with a couple of our dieitians, and this is what

Bars, Bars and & Core Bars

Is it me, or is the pre-packaged “bar” aisle taking over Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and every other grocery store in the U.S.? The registered dietitian in me

Fight Your Cold With This!

How many of you have started your training for the new season ahead but have found yourself (or those around) SICK!  It can be very frustrating since you survived

October Core Diet Office Hours

Hi athletes!

We kicked off our Core Diet "Office Hours" a few weeks ago and we will now be implementing them monthly!  Our next one will will be held on this coming Monday, October 24th at 8pm EST. These “Office Hours” will be held through ouronline chat moduleand hosted by the Nutrition Program Director,Jaime Windrow

New "Office Hours" At The Core Diet!

We are starting a new service here at the Core Diet called "Office Hours". This is very similar to office hours over at QT2, ORR and TRF except that all questions will be focused on nutrition and fueling.

The Race Weight Countdown

Originally posted on 7/1/14

Many athletes who come to work with me have a similar goal: Finding out their ideal race weight and the best way to get there. Optimal race weight, however, can only be determined by peeling back the layers that make up the whole athlete. These not only include the individual athlete's body composition, age, gender, competition level and length of races, but their emotional relationship with food, any previous patterns of disordered eating, weight loss/gain history, level of commitment and sacrifice, to name a few. For simplicity's sake, this article focuses solely on the numbers. 

The Best Time of Year To Eat Wild Salmon

When I first start working with a new athlete, I will usually review some food logs to see how things are progressing. You know what I see? Chicken. And lots of it! Chicken and broccoli. Chicken on a salad. Chicken on a low carb wrap. While a skinless, free-range chicken breast is a great source of lean protein, my fear is that food boredom is right around the corner. Well now is the perfect time of year to branch out!

Detoxing Your Holiday Toxins Away

As we spend the last day of 2013, I bet many people are pondering about the changes they will make in 2014, and they will surely include some sort of health goal. For some, it can be easy to wake up tomorrow and start off on the right foot. But for others, it can be daunting to take that big leap.
Although one of the big reasons the Core Diet is so successful (besides the fact that we focus on real, nutrient dense foods) is that it is realistic. We allow “windows” for those foods that are not on the top of the “eat this” list, as well as a non-Core meal every once in a while (determined by your RD). However, some individuals can go a bit overboard during the holidays!

Running In Cold Weather: Why You Need To Do This

It’s hard for me to think about bundling up in layers for a run when its still in the 80’s down here in South Florida. But as I pack for my upcoming New England trip, I am reminded of the weather reports in the rest of the country. Snow is trickling down on branches, and runners are seeing their breath before the words “hello” come out of their mouths as they pass a local running buddy. It’s also hard for many to imagine that sweat loss is going to occur when you are about to endure a run in 35-degree weather. But guess what? You still need to hydrate!

Spooky & Spicy Carrot Salad

Dress up your Autumn dish with this antioxidant packed vegetable! Last week I suggested a newseasonal dishif you were getting bored with your day to day meals, and this colorful salad can do the same thing! Many of us don’t enough raw veggies in our diet, and carrot sticks dipped in hummus can get very old… Try this as a snack or with any lunch or dinner!  It's perfect for this Halloween season! 

Autumn Fun Recipe

Bring on the pumpkins, Autumn is officially here! Although the days are getting shorter and the weather cooler, many of you have not yet reached the end of your triathlon season. At this point in the game, you might be a bit tired of your day-to-day foods. This is the perfect time to bring out those “hearty” meals that are still packed with good nutrients to ensure your body stays in peak condition.

How to Hydrate While Running!

One of the many concerns I hear from my athletes is, “I can’t seem to drink while running, what is the best strategy?” The answer to that question is whatever way works for you is the best! The important aspect is just getting those fluids and electrolytes down, and to practice that method day in and day out.

Hydration Basics For Runners

As the hot weather months approach, we encourage you to move hydration to the top of your athletic priority list. Although hydration is an important factor to your overall health year-round, slight dehydration of even 2% of your body weight can have negative effects, and your chances of this happening in the upcoming summer months are much higher. Staying properly hydrating is the best way to improve your training and race day performance.
When can athletes run into dehydration troubles?

  • More than 1 training session per day
  • Competitions held in hot and/or humid environments (if the athlete is coming from a colder climate, the impact is even larger!)
  • Competitions of long duration such as marathons and triathlons

Soy: The Good & The Bad

I’ve never seen a food surrounded by so much controversy as soy. This is even bigger than eggs. If you recall, the same eggs that were once touted as being bad for you are now actually healthy. With soy, on one end of the spectrum, we have claims of this “nutrient-packed” food lowering heart disease. On the other end, we have claims that soy causes cancer. How is it this possible?

Homemade Fig Bars

When I first started on my hunt for a homemade fig bar recipe to test, it was for athletes. The traditional Fig Newton has always been a Core Diet recommendation for a pre-workout fuel, so I thought, why not make my own? “If they can make it, so can I!.” That is sort of my mantra these days. From household cleaners to wreaths on my front door, I love “making my own stuff”.

Summar Salad- Refresh Your Summer!

As your hydration needs increase during these hot summer days, you'll find yourself craving juicy fruits more than you did before. This is no surprise! When I review food diaries for my clients during the colder months, I see log after log listing apples and bananas as the fruit of choice, with very little variety. But a fruit is a fruit, right? It's not until the summer months that citrus and antioxidant-filled fruits make an appearance, bringing a little more excitement to your diet. One of my favorite ways to savor the season's fruitful flavors and save yourself from the apple/banana rut, is this refreshing summer salad recipe.

Breaking Thru the Weight Loss Plateau

Whether you are an athlete or not, you've most likely experienced a weight or fat loss plateau at some point in your life (especially if you have ever tried to improve your body composition for health reasons and/or athletic performance). A plateau is defined as reaching a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress. In this case, we're referring to those little numbers on the scale that won't budge, or that disappointing moment when your trainer/coachpinches you with calipers and thesamemeasurements come back again and again…Although frustrating, there's no reason to throw in the towel or go to extreme measures when this happens, as that will only hurt you and your performance in the long run. Chances are there are one or more factors you may have overlooked that could be the key to breaking through this barrier.

Sport Nutrition Hydration Basics

As the hot weather months approach, you should move hydration to the top of your athletic priority list. Although hydration is an important factor year-round to overall health, slight dehydration of even 2% of your body weight can negatively affect performance, and your chances of this happening in the upcoming months are much higher. It's been show in studies that this nutritional intervention of staying properly hydrating is thebest wayto enhance or improve performance.

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