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Brooke Gowdy

Triathlete and Registered Dietitian

Brooke Gowdy

Registered Dietitian



Brooke has a passion for helping people understand how they can optimize their health and sports performance with nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian and holds a Bachelor's degree in Bioscience and Technology and Master's degrees in Nutrition Science from the University of New Hampshire.

In addition to working as a Dietitian, Brooke has conducted nutrition research on hyperglycemia, cardiovascular disease and nutrition as prevention against oxidative stress and chronic disease. She has completed several 70.3 and shorter distance triathlons and running races. Recently, she discovered a passion for trail running and competed in her first 25K and marathon distance trail races. When the snow flies, Brooke exchanges her Pearl Izumi trail shoes for cross country skis and snow shoes.

Brooke’s other passion is her horse and the sport of dressage. When she isn’t on the trails, you can find her training and competing her Dutch Warmblood horse, “Andy”. Brooke is married to QT2 coach, Vinny Johnson, an IM athlete and marathoner. She constantly challenges him to get off the pavement and hit the trails, and, to ride a horse! 

Strategies to Avoid Gut Issues During Exercise

“I Guess I Shouldn’t Have Eaten That”

A common complaint I hear as a sports dietitian is “I can’t eat anything before or during exercise because it causes stomach issues.”

This can be especially problematic for athletes participating in long distance triathlons and running events.  While athletes can often complete short distance triathlons without sports fuels, they will require them for long distance events.  Consumption of fuels prevents bonking and are fundamental for speed and performance. 

Your Tool Box For Health

People typically eat to satisfy hunger or because it tastes good. But food can serve another purpose. The substances in the foods that you eat can drive different physiological functions. In an effort to understand this, I like to envision the following analogy. Think of your body as a "tool box" and the foods you consume as the "tools". Your body uses the tools in the tool box to "tune it up" and help it run efficiently. So it is important, especially as an endurance athlete, to make sure your tool box is equipped with a large variety of useful tools! Just think, you can't repair a car if the only tools available in the tool box are a hammer and a screwdriver. You might need a wrench, crow bar, blow torch, several different sizes of screws, etc to fix the car.

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