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The following content was provided by Registered Dietitian, Jaime Windrow.

Attention athletes!

We are starting a new service here at the Core Diet called "Office Hours". This is very similar to office hours over at QT2, ORR and TRF except that all questions will be focused on nutrition and fueling.

These “office hours” will be held through our online chat module and hosted by the Nutrition Program Director, Jaime Windrow. We will kick this off on Wednesday October 12th at 8pm EST and aim to hold these at least once per month.

All 1on1 athletes and current Core Diet clients are welcome to join, and no pre-registration is required. To join, log into yourMember Areaon The Core Diet website and click on "Chat Room".There will be no set agenda, except the questions that you bring. Get any of your nutrition and fueling questions answered in real time or just listen along!

~ Jaime

Jaime Windrow MS RD CSSD

Nutrition Program Director

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