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The Core Diet is very excited to announce its brand new affiliate program! This program was created primarily for individual coaches and coaching groups who would like to offer nutrition services to their clients, with our experienced staff ofRegistered Dietitians. The new affiliate program can also be used by other fitness related companies that may have clients who would be interested in athletic nutrition.The Core Diet Affiliate Program can earn users an 8% commission on each qualified buyer of Core Diet services, including continued monthly revenue for our ongoing support services. For example, if a referred 1-1 nutrition client remains with us for a one-year period, you will earn $248! When a customer enters, linked through your website, you will receive credit for any purchases made up to a year after their initial visit! Then, each eight weeks, we will cut you a check for your commissions! We will also provide you with a selection of images and banners that you can place on your website.

For individual coaches and coaching groups, we can also provide an affiliate code that your training customers can use upon Check Out at The Core Diet website. We offer three types of affiliate programs:

  • Coach receives an 8% commission on all purchases.
  • Coach receives a 4% commission, and their athletes receive a custom discount code for 4% off of all purchases.
  • Your athletes receive a custom discount code for 8% off all purchases.

How you want to distribute your commissions is completely up to you!

Why Join This Program?
  • Membership can provide ongoing revenue, at no cost to you!
  • Joining is free, easy, and we will answer all emails within one business day.
  • Your athletes will improve their nutrition and performances, making for happier clients.
  • If you are a coach or coaching group, our dietitians will work with you to develop nutrition programs for your athletes that purchase with us. The Core Diet team will work as an extension of your own coaching staff.
  • After your first affiliate purchase, we will grant you FREE access to the Core Diet Member Area and all of its resources.

For more information on The Core Diet affiliate program, The Core Diet, or to register, pleaseCLICK HERE!

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