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triathlon dietThe Core Diet will help you to achieve and maintain your optimal weight and body composition in the New Year, improving health and athletic performance, and SPEED along the way. Staffed by experienced registered dietitians that work exclusively with athletes, The Core Diet offers several options for those looking to attain a healthy body weight and/or solve race nutrition issues.

1-1 Nutrition Coachingis a one-of-a-kind service providing intensive direction and support to athletes. Your very own registered dietitian is there to guide you every step of the way!

Do you know how to eat well and lose weight, but have trouble integrating it into your athletic endeavors? A NutritionConsultation, with one of The Core Diet's RDs, will equip you with a personalized nutrition plan and sample menus, to get the new-year started off in the right direction.

Add a side of support to your consultation, with aCore Diet Mission Plan. Unlimited contact with The Core Diet RDs through the "Ask the RD" forum, and access to the member area tools will help you to adapt your consultation to each and every day.

Never allow nutrition to derail months of hard work and sacrifice, on race day! Hundreds of athletes have found instant success with a personalizedRace Fueling Planfrom The Core Diet.

Use the discount code "NEW2013" during the first 10 days of 2013 to take advantage of the following savings:

  • Save 5% off 1-1 Nutrition Coaching!
  • Save 10% off a Core Diet Mission Plan
  • Save 15% off Race Fueling Plans & Nutrition Consultations

Please contact usHEREwith any questions that you may have! We'd be happy to set up a call with you to discuss your racing goals this season!


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