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Variety is the spice of life they say, but yet, I've had a salad for lunch 5 out of 7 days for the last three years. Some people pass me by at the salad bar on their way to the burger line and comment on my healthy choice, but is it?

Clearly, a bowl of mixed greens is a better choice than a greasy burger, right? Well, let's consider the variety of the salad in question. I do try to include vegetables that I would not normally have at home for dinner, and by default, have the same ingredients from the salad bar daily with the exception of my protein choice. Creatures of habit, we choose what we like, what works and what is easy. These are limiters. How do we undo these limiters without turning the delicate nutrient balance for training upsidedown?

Variety is not likely to impact overall caloric or carbohydrate intake, but we may need to learn a few new foods and their macronutrient profile (big deal, we do it all the time!) If the salad bar is offering a new item that meets your salad criteria, give it a try! Be prepared with your own flaxseed to sprinkle on your salad a few days a week to increase omega 3's. Choose a piece a fruit, maybe a pear, and slice it onto the salad. You may also investigate the soup option over salad.

If your snacks have become routine, switch up with different fruits, a variety of nuts, even different brands of Greek yogurt count as variation. If you are someone who likes the routine, try to alternate menus every other week. This way, you have variety bi weekly while still maintaining a routine.

To improve your overall health and to ensure a multitude of nutrients, focus on variety every day. You may find some new favorites!

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