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Happy Holidays!

Through January 10th 2016, The Core Diet is offering a HUGE sale across ALL of itsnutrition services!  The Core Diet is perhaps the single most experienced group of registered dietitians, focused solely on endurance sports, in the world!  Let us help you! and use the code “CD2016” to receive discounts on:

Note:Sign-up needs to be completed before midnight on January 10th, 2016. Recurring programs and payments do not need to begin until January 31st 2016, depending on your specific needs. Upon sign up we will adjust your start date appropriately based on your input.

Promotion Terms: Discount cannot be used for services you presently are a client of or products you have recently purchased. Sign-up needs to be completed before midnight January 10th, 2016. Reduced rate is valid for 1 year after signup on recurring products.

Discounts:5% discount on Nutrition 1on1 Coaching and 15% discount on all other services!

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